Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alisa Steady

I think if I had a choice, I might have considered pressing the ‘please make me a Non-Late Bloomer’ button before descending down the baby slide. I say ‘might have’ because obviously, being a non-late bloomer would have prevented a lot of wasted time waffling around wondering who and what I was most of my teens, twenties and thirties. But then again, taking after my Mom in every way (who is also a ‘late bloomer’ and tremendously successful), I think being a late bloomer is pretty okay, too. Yes I waffled about. Yes I wasted time I could have committed to my passion. But - I probably wouldn’t be the happily crazed, uber-focused professional artist I am today had I not bloomed late.

Growing up, I definitely knew I was a late bloomer. After all, I had been told I was one for as long as I can remember…which I always thought was a really nice way of saying “boiling water may be the crowning achievement of you life.” Though it was nice to be told and reassured that I would bloom late, it left me wondering if I would ever really truly discover my path.

Hoorah for the late bloomers!

At 40, I discovered my passion. Art and creating art! I finally bloomed! Actually, art was a seed planted in my childhood, taking its sweet time to root, grow, and eventually bud. Even though I sorta knew way back in my brain that I was really a visual artist, the late bloomer had to first cull through all the other stuff I “wanted” to be, but was not destined for like: An actor. A model. A marriage counselor. A pastor. A PhD. All wonderful aspirations, but not my destiny. But visual artist? That is the root of who I am, the bane of my existence today. It’s how I express myself, and connect with humanity. It is my true calling, and my true passion which took its sweet time simmering for forty long years. I am creating every day now, and truly have never been happier in my life.  

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  1. Thank you Teresa for this wonderful opportunity to tell the world 'Hey! I'm a later bloomer, and proud of it.' :o) Love your website, and am so grateful to know there are other late bloomers out there, filling the world with new life and creativity! xoxo

  2. Your work is bright and fun and vibrant! It was just waiting to come out and greet the world! Best, Erin

  3. Your critters are marvelous. I want to live in their world. xox

  4. From another late bloomer - you keep going! I started in my 40's also! Love your work!

  5. Welcome to the group Alisa. Loved seeing your artwork. It's so lovely and filled with vibrant colours. Wonderful.