Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Laurie Barron

I have always been creative; however, 

I became a “late bloomer” in the winter of 2011.  

 After working a corporate job as an accountant for nearly 10 years, I felt unfulfilled and desired more.  I wanted a sense of purpose, creativity, and interaction with people- all of which doesn’t naturally exist in the world of accounting.  I moved to California in 2006 to join my future husband and search for a new job.

Since we lived in a small town, I was uninspired with the local opportunities.  My supportive husband provided me with the luxury of taking some time off and the means to pursue other opportunities.  After a series of events and ultimate brainstorming, my new venture turned into my creative dream.  I started 3 B Street (, a new, online, handmade only marketplace for buyers and sellers.  The site is juried so only the highest quality, most unique, and exclusive sellers and their products will be sold here.  The idea originated from the need for such a venue to support and nurture sellers to succeed without the common frustrations of other handmade sites.

3 B Street is my creative mastermind as the site has been completely customized and built by myself and a small team of programmers, a designer, marketers, and the creative minded.  The most obvious difference is the rich, interactive design which entices both buyers and sellers with an exhilarating shopping experience.  After working on this for nearly two years and going live in late Fall 2012, I have officially combined my passions of helping others, being creative, owning my own company, and eventually giving back to charities.  I feel proud and relieved that I’ve finally blossomed and created what I’m confident will become my greatest venture.
You can find more about 3 B Street at:



  1. Laurie,
    Welcome to the Late Bloomers Club! It's so fun to see your face here, especially since we have already connected. Your 3B Street site is amazing!

  2. Such an interesting story...liked on Facebook! The website is lovely!

  3. Laurie! My friend and mentor. Honored to be a Late Bloomer with you! I am inspired by your vision. 3 B Street is unique and cutting edge. Love it!

  4. Thanks for the opportunity, Teresa, and for the kind comments! I'm excited to watch the site grow and have you all be a part of it!

  5. After reading your article, I popped over to your store. Very beautiful. Niche markets grouped together. Such a great idea. Dropped in from BBTL

  6. Hi Laurie, it's great meeting you here. Love reading about your 3B Street business. Lovely site. I love when people follow their dreams.

  7. Laurie, what a great story- I'm so excited to read more about your business. I'm going to hop on over to your site now, good luck with it!

  8. Great interview Laurie! Methinks EVERYONE should visit 3 B Street again and again. If you are an artist or craftsperson, please consider selling on this site, and reach a whole new audience. I've actually seen this girl bloom in real life :)))

  9. You have a great story and your website is beautiful. I wish you much success with your venture.