Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Josh Pincus

Despite the fact that I have been drawing since I was four years old and have worked steadily as an artist (in many capacities) for thirty years, I still can be considered a late bloomer.

When I was a kid, I was drawing constantly. I drew on every spare piece of paper I could lay my hands on. While other kids where outside playing football or riding bikes, I was inside scribbling away - much to the chagrin of my older and athletic brother. After I graduated from high school, I attended a small art school in Philadelphia with my eyes set on a career in the field of illustration. I actively pursued my dream, because, frankly, I couldn't do anything else. Lucky for me, I was pretty good and I was always eager to learn new techniques. However, after several jobs working for and getting direction from non-artists, I became discouraged. I no longer created for my enjoyment. I equated "art" with "work" and I sure didn't want to work when I wasn't getting paid for it.

When I was in my 40s, a younger co-worker practically scolded me for abandoning what he called "my artistic responsibility." He insisted that I purchase a sketchbook and begin my return to drawing immediately. Then, I was introduced to this thing called "blogging." I immediately drove back into drawing and writing and combining the two to create the skewed vision of the world that has become my website Josh Pincus is Crying.
Now in it's seventh year, my blog is an unusual combination of illustrated stories from my youth, biographies of unsung dead celebrities and examples of my slightly morbid sense of humor.

I also contribute to several other blogs, along with active participation on Twitter and now Facebook. 

Not bad for a guy in his 50s (who thinks he's still a kid).


  1. Not bad at all Josh. So glad you found your way back to what you truly wanted to be as a grownup kid. Love hearing your story and your humorous take on life. xox

  2. Wow, Josh, I'm glad you bloomed. You're a reservoir of information and wonderful talent! Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. I am so very proud of you Josh. So glad that you came back to your passion plus it gives you something to do while I am doing the things I like!! Mrs. Pincus

  4. Love your story, Josh!! Sometimes it takes an objective point of view and a good butt kicking to remind us of our true roots - wonderful story, Josh! Thank you for shraing! xo

  5. Thanks everyone. This honor comes with a cash prize, right?

  6. I'm glad that younger co-worker influenced you to get back to sketching...he's right that you shouldn't give up on your artistic talents. And you have them, for sure! I like your style...took a quick peek at your blog and will be back for another visit.

  7. I loved reading this and I'm going over now to visit Josh's blog.
    I want to say "THANK YOU" to his young and very wise friend, for getting him back on his artistic path.
    Connie :)

  8. Welcome to the Late Bloomers Club! How nice to have a co-worker give you honest advice, especially when it changes your life. Your art is very cool, and I'm off to visit your blog.

  9. Great story sharing Josh! Yes...we must be true to ourselves! Our talent! ♥

  10. Hooray for late bloomers. I'm 71 and this past week I shot a 71 on a par 71 golf course.
    Thanks for your annual e-mail.
    Yours Truly,
    One of your fellow jurors,
    Jerry L