Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Arlene Holtz

The idea of me being an artist never occurred to me at all 
until about 15 years ago when I was around 50. 

I had acquired some skills for making stained glass windows and ornaments and even had dabbled some with fused glass in a kiln, but only thought of myself as perhaps an artisan or crafts person.  I decided to take a drawing class at the local community college so I could learn to draw my own designs better.  The course was split between people taking drawing and others taking oil painting within the same room.  As I watched the other students creating beautiful paintings, I wanted to spend all my class time watching them and was itching to try out the paints.  The next semester I tentatively enrolled in the painting part of the class, wondering what I was doing and if I would ever learn how to do this. 
Ever since then I have never looked back.  I absolutely LOVED painting, and immediately became addicted to it!  Who would have ever guessed I would have some talent in this?! 

Other than that initial class in Arizona and some excellent online workshops, I have not had any “formal” art education.
Last year, I was even certified by Grumbacher Paints to teach beginning acrylic painting at Michaels Arts and Crafts stores.  In order to do this I had to create quite a lot of demonstration paintings for my classes in all kinds of areas.  This gave me lots and lots of good practice and helped build my confidence.  I have since come to believe that people don’t necessarily need to have some inborn “talent” in order to paint.  It can be learned and we do get better with practice and some guidance.  You just have to love it!

About four years ago, I had a burning desire to learn to paint portraits and took a few online workshops.  I learned from every one of them.  Painting faces is now my passion.  I’d rather paint a face than almost anything else.  They are all so interesting and unique!  It just never gets boring.  
I feel I have only just started learning to become a good artist, and I am having such a great time doing it!


  1. Wow, Arlene, thanks for sharing your story! You've really bloomed! Love your work and blog, too! You're awesome! :)

  2. Arlene, you already know how I adore you work! I enjoyed reading your story here!

  3. You go Arlene! I enjoyed reading about your blooming process, and completely relate to it. Your artwork is amazing and I'm going to check out your blog right now.

  4. This just goes to show that if you do something that you love doing . . . the results will be fantastic. Great post. I'm heading over to your blog, now.
    Have a day filled with creativity and fun :)

  5. Taking that drawing class was a turning point for you. Your paintings are wonderful! I, too, like to paint faces because I never know who will turn up on the page or the canvas. I like watching the "person" appear.

  6. Marvelous how you created the painting life you wanted to appear. xox

  7. Hi Arlene,
    I have picked up drawing in the last couple of years. Nice to see so much can be accomplished as a late bloomer.
    Julian C