Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm looking for...

I feel there are many creative people out there who have stories to share that would be inspiring to others.  I know for certain there are people reading these posts who want to step out of their comfort zone(s) and start creating  Your story just may be the one to help them take that step.  But... we will never know unless you tell your story.

According to Wikepedia, " a late blooming adult is a person who does not discover their talents and abilities until later than normally expected".  I certainly fit into that category.  Notice the definition doesn't give an age.  Why?   Because your age  isn't the determining factor.  If you feel you discovered your talents and abilities later in life than You Are A creative Late Bloomer.  I want to share your story.  I did not know that I could paint or draw until age 58.  All I had to do was take that first step out of my comfort zone.  Now there is no stopping me know.  I am fill with gratitude!

I have the pleasure to share stories of other people who feel the same way.  Take a moment to check out some of the stories

So... IF you fit or IF know someone who fits the Wikepedia definition contact me at: 
Let's fill more vases up with creative Late Bloomers.




  1. We are all late bloomers for at least 1 thing for our life. I had a baby at 35! That is late blooming, people used to have them at 18! Well, and some still are. And well, I only started making money at 37, first time ever, so that is late blooming too. Still have to learn to cook, that is going to be mega late! :)

  2. Your article can be an excellent motivator for many people who do not dare to begin something.

  3. Thank you, Theresa, your blog gives me much support and inspiration to get through my life challenges and develop myself!

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