Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Julie Crowe

Funny thing is... I'm not sure why I waited so long to pursue my passion, it's been my hobby for years.

I guess my parents raised me to believe that if I wasn't sitting in an office for eight hours a day being "some kind" of secretary, I'd never have a good career.

Fortunately, we control our own destiny!

It began as a teenage when I used to watch my brother take photos and develop them in our basement.  It was so exciting waiting to see a negative turn into a beautiful photo right in front of my eyes.   He was a huge influence in my love of taking photos and capturing beautiful memories. 

As life would have it, I did spend most of my career working in an office, however, I don't think I went or did anything without having a camera by me side.  When my husband was injured on the job, we were able to retire.  We moved to Florida and happen to be present when his youngest daughter got married.  We hired her photographer for the wedding and when we got together to view photos, I showed her the photos I had taken.  She complimented me enough to make me think that after all those years of taking pictures
for my own personal life that I too could become a photographer.  That maybe I can turn what was just a hobby for me into a career.  After all, I LOVE taking pictures...just ask my family!

In October of 2010 I enrolled in a photography class and in July of 2011 I received my diploma.  Since then I have opened a business called "Flutterberry Photography" and am enjoying every minute of it, from

photographing newborns
(which has turned out to be my favorite photo sessions,,they're just so cute)
children, families,  
 and weddings.

*"Never Let A Memory Flutterby"*

I'd like to give you a little insight into how I decided on my business name.  
My Flutterberry logo was designed in memory of my father who passed away 13 years ago.  The reminders of my father are incorporated in the logo of the butterfly beginning with the body of a strawberry.  The strawberry represents a strawberry milkshake, a smell I had sleeping on the same couch he died on and the last thing he had to drink on that couch.  Whenever I feel nervous, I have the smell of strawberries in the air to know that he is there with me.  The butterfly itself represents the butterfly that was present for two days before the funeral and reappeared at his grave site.  Butterflies now appear whenever I need to be reminded that my father is there with me day and night. 

“Thank you Dad for being the inspiration behind me following my dreams!”  ♥ xoxoxo



  1. Hi Julie, I love the story of how you became an official photographer. Your photos are all so beautiful. I love how you choose the name for your business in memory of your father.

  2. Loved how you got the inspiration for your business name! They are always with us...and it's dragonflies with my mom. Go for it, Julie!

  3. Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it with us. Sometimes we just need that input from others to make us open up and share our art with the world.

  4. Nice to make your acquaintance, Julie! Your photos are marvelous! The memories of your father and the symbolism of the butterfly is so inspiring! I also love your logo!

  5. Thank you so much everyone!