Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Marie Sardalla-Davis

All the other flowers have peaked, but we're popping out multiple blossoms like a floribunda. This is what I'd tell my 20-something stay-at-home mom self.  "Is this all there is?" my 20-something self had asked, staring at the dirty laundry. Little did I know!
"Am I all washed up?" my 44-year-old self had lamented, driving home after losing my job as a well paid speech writer and editor.
"How did I live this long and not know I could do this?" I ask my 49-year-old self almost daily.

After being unchained from my desk and adjusting our lifestyle so we could live on just my husband's income, I focused on becoming the best ballroom dance teacher and choreographer I could be. It had been my evening job for two years prior.  To save on costumes for annual performances, I design and sew my and my partner's costumes from thrift store finds. I have never taken a sewing class and still don't own a machine. Everything is handsewn. To think I hated my home economics classes!

I really enjoy the challenge of reinventing clothing discards. They've been dismissed as has-beens—we have that in common. I see a has-been as a will-be, waiting for someone to see the beauty it can be. This passion led me to open an etsy shop of upcycled women's clothing. I haven't bought any new clothes for myself in three years, but my dance students often express astonished delight at what I wear. I plan to sew a series of prayer flags and chuppahs, too. 

My Facebook business page and blog are a way for me to brighten someone's moment with whimsy or cause them to notice something meaningful. It's amazing and so gratifying to have the opportunity to encourage someone I have never met in person. This month I began to widen my local circle of encouragement by training to be a yoga teacher specializing in baby boomer health needs.

Blooming late means I have the luxury of focusing on my husband, our Maine Coon cat, and me. Our three daughters are grown and well adjusted, and we have two grandsons to enjoy. 

I think back and chuckle that back when I worked at a desk, I was denied a three percent raise because, as the temporary vice president put it, "All she does is write." She may have been right at the time, but she isn't now.

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Thank you for this opportunity to tell my story, Teresa!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I can relate. I think I was also a late bloomer. I was shy through my teen years and into my 30's before I began to gain confidence in myself and felt that I could do so much more.

  2. This was so inspiring! I used to jazz up my clothing when I was younger but somehow got out of the habit. You've inspired me to get out some of my boring clothes and embellish them. Thank you so much!! I love your etsy shop.