Monday, May 6, 2013

thanks for listening

I will  spare you all of my long sentimental emotions in this post to simply assure you that I am learning to trust in the Universe.  Letting go is probably one of  my hardest lessons ever  to learn .  Yet within the last few years it has been one of the easiest changes  to implement.  Being consistent with it is still a work in progress.  Confusing, huh?   For most of my adult life I have been a goal setter, making a plan and working the plan.  Writing out my 10 most important things to get done each day and then getting them done. Following all the steps to achieve my desired results.  Not too long ago  I realized that I am only responsible for my actions and once I have done all that I can do I have to release it.  And accept whatever results come my way.  This is what I have been experiencing with this blog.

Sharing stories of other creative Late Bloomers pulls on my heart strings. I simply LOVE sharing your stories.  I LOVE witnessing the friendships developed.   Magical things can happen when we let out creative spirits out to play.  Everyone has a story and it’s in telling your story that  you can encourage and inspire someone else.    Being a creative Late Bloomer is not about being a certain age or doing something totally magnificent.  It’s about finding your creative self, later in life, even in the simple things.  So for those of you who do not think your story matters I am here to tell you that is does.  Your creative story, large or small, does matter. 

As you are aware,  it’s been a little while since I have introduced a new creative Late Bloomer.   This is the part where “I will spare you all of my long sentimental emotions”.   I have avoided addressing it because I have felt  like I was let you guys down.  I know, I know... that sounds crazy!  It even sounds crazy as I write it but it is the way I have been feeling.   

As fate would have it, I happened upon Brene Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  What she said impacted me and the way I had been feeling.  Once I openly admitted that to myself, thru journaling, I realize, once again that I had not been practicing  “letting  go and trusting”.  It is false to think that I am letting anyone down when the truth I merely in a lull to find stories to share.  Right?  I believe in the impact of your stories.  I believe  the stories are out there.  I believe they will be directed to me.  Just hang in there with me during this time.  And be ready for some awesome  stories to come your way.
Thanks for listening.


  1. I love what you are doing here Teresa and I hope you never quit!

  2. Hi Teresa!

    I have never felt let down when you didn't post. I always figured the stories just weren't coming your way. That's not a bad thing. It's just the way it is. I always know that when a story does come your way, you'll be happy to share it, and I know I'll enjoy it. It may not be easy but try not to be so hard on yourself. I do relate though because I have a tendency to be hard on myself too at times, and it's something that I'm really trying to let go of!

    Take care,

  3. My heart is with you, too, Teresa. There are so many times that obstacles seems bigger than Hope and Vision. That's when we reach out to one another and push through. I love what you are doing here on your blog and was so blessed when you asked to interview me. I'm proud of being a lateblooming fact it is part of my identity. Indisputably there are unique challenges to being older when one re-visions one's life...but we have wisdom of experience, that counts for lots. Stay with your vision, your dream, your intentions....and just keep reaching out when you need encouragement. You are Blessed, believe it!

  4. You aren't letting us down. You're just waiting for the right story to come along...and we'll wait right along with you. What you're doing is fantastic and not something that can be hurried. Take your time. Find the right stories and then come back and share them.

  5. Hang in there, Teresa, what you're doing is significant! I'm a new follower who found you thanks to the link you left on Where Women Create's Facebook page. I'm letting people know about your blog via my Facebook page at

  6. Just as I have a hard time keeping up with reading my favorite blogs, I also at times have a difficult time thinking of blog posts to write. All that to say this...we have to be nice to ourselves. I think it's easy to think we have to do x number of posts in x amount of time. But you know, this is your place to share what you are passionate about, and you are in control.

    I love reading about other creatives that have been 'found' by you, and look forward to reading more as time goes on. And I know that you'll do what is best for you, that whatever appears here will come from your heart..and that is what matters the most.

    Love you!